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Life After College

The triumphs and downfalls of a post-college kid.

Is it weird that I miss college? Yes, I'm sure it is.

I thought life after college was going to be an exciting new life-stage. The following is a small excerpt of what my thoughts were after graduating from University.

Jeffrie, you did it! I know it felt like you were never going to make it but all those late nights and PB&J sandwiches paid off. Now you don't have to decide between eating out or rent because you'll be a working professional who can do both! Okay, let's apply to a big name company hope you get hired, them how dynamic but humble you are. Should we do Amazon or Netflix, maybe both? Okay, start looking for nice and modern apartment studios in LA or New York because you'll obviously be living there. We can finally buy a car! I can't wait to wake up every morning with Starbucks in my right hand and my black chic man purse on my left. We'll get into our humble (but temporary) little Nissan and drive to work. This is going to be great!

Gosh, reminiscing over the excitement of post-college thought life is kind of depressing. I was so excited but needless to say, none of that became a reality. Amazon and Netflix did not come banging on my door or even called me after looking at me resume. I did not move to New York or even buy a car, and now, Starbucks is a luxury. In fact, I moved back home to LA to live with my parents while I waited to hear something from a great company.

In all regards, I felt like a failure. One month went by but I didn't get discouraged. Then two months went and I was a hot mess, it was a massive slice of humble pie. I thought I had such a great resume and went to such a great school only to find out I wasn't 'qualified' enough to attain X position. I wondered why all my passions and hard work weren't translating well on paper.

Then it hit me.

My mother and I both advocate for learning and education. I wanted to pursue a creative and artist career, I just wanted to be an artist. I wanted to make music, movies, dance, art and everything in between. So we settled, I gave her a degree and put pause on my deeply-rooted initial desires. After much self-reflection and faith, I realized that perhaps my Creator wanted me to pursue what was always hidden within me. Now, I get to choose want I want for me. I soon realized I did not want to sit behind a desk and slowly let my desire to create die off.

So after the second month of silence from companies and all the wrong offers, I decided to pursue the beat that my heart was leading me with. I read all the books I longed to read, I started to write the novel that has been floating behind my hippocampus and I danced every day. I began to feel happy and no longer defined my identity of my worth based off a company.

Look, I be frank. Rejection hurt, but sometimes rejections is merely a re-direction. I was meant to do so much more than what I settled for all based on monetary gain. Are you happy and feel fulfilled?

I ask you to do this before you leave, find that one area where your personality, your passions, your abilities and your experiences cross and start there. For me, it lead me here. So while my head excerpt turned out different, I'm happy dispensing all that was in my head. As such, my first book is currently 1/3 done. Listen to the lingering voice that is simmering to do what you were meant to do and see where it leads.

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