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3 Thing To Do To Take Your Mornings Back

Every morning is a battle for your attention, what will you do?

The modern age is full of battles that all want one thing - your attention. What you give your attention to is so important, but that goes without saying. Check out three simple things that you can do today to take your morning back.

“Every morning comes with a new hope, but we choose to do the same dreadful thing, and that hope is quickly vanished.”

First, answer these three simple questions:

1. Did you hit the snooze button at least once today?

2. Was looking at your phone the first thing you did (besides coffee or brushing)?

3. Did you have that small voice of guilt saying, "you shouldn't be doing this right now"?

If you answered yes to all these questions, you are not alone. Millions of people all around the world went to bed yesterday saying, "I'm going to wake up early and be productive first thing," only to hit the snooze button and spend an hour on Youtube or checking the gram. I know I have before, then that self-deprecating voice gets even louder. Every morning comes with a new hope, but we choose to do the same dreadful thing, and that hope is quickly vanished.

3 Ways to Take Your Morning Back

As an artist and working professional, my morning is crucial to how the day will pan out. Here's how I took my morning back.

I Fought For My Work Space

Besides making a good ole' cup of joe (preferably from Columbia), having a clean and healthy workspace is a must in today's fast-paced world. I realized that not having a place to go every morning to either stretch, meditate, or even read for my morning didn't make me excited about the mornings at all. Listen, you don't even need an office space or a fancy room, it can be a simply comfy chair and a small coffee table in the backyard. As long as it's consistent, you'll have a reason to be more excited about your morning.

I Had at Least One Thing

Today, you probably have a billion things to do, or at least it can feel that way. However, if you have at least one thing you wanted to accomplish for the day, whether it be a prepped family dinner or writing one more page of your future best-selling novel, having at least one thing in mind you wanted to accomplish gives your morning that zesty boost of energy needed to start. I find it best to have it be a creative thing, like going for a two-mile walk or even writing this blog post.

I Choose Consistency

You probably already knew this one, but I wanted to give it to you in a new way. Each morning when you rise, the world should silent quiver in its boots. Why? Because there is one else like you and only you can occupy a small space in time. What's even better is that you GET to choose how you spend that time. This morning, no one was forcing you to wake up (unless you have these things called offsprings or siblings...yeah). Yet, you have complete and utter control over what your morning looks like, no one else but you. If you're consistent at waking up at a certain time or going to your workplace, you changed yourself.

If you notice, each of these 3 things started with the word "I" and that's because you get to say what is worth paying attention to. Is it Instagram and other peoples' lives, great! If not, what are you giving your energy to. Fight for your space, choose that one thing of the day and CHOOSE to be consistent. Now go and take your mornings back.

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